Info Spain

The Spanish language is a fairly accessible one, and easier to learn than you may think, at least once you know the code. Here are some basics that will help you navigate your way around the country during your stay.

Basic Phrases

Do you have a menu in english? - Tienen un menú en inglés? What do you recommend? - Qué me recomienda? Rare - Poco hecho. Medium - En su punto Well - Bien hecho Numbers One - Uno Two - Dos Three - Tres Four - Four Five - Five Six - Six Seven - Siete Eight - Ocho Nine - Nueve Ten - Diez Eleven - Once Twelve - Doce Thirteen - Trece Fourteen - Catorce Fifteen - Quince Sixteen - Dieciseís Seventeen - Diecisiete Eighteen - Dieciocho Nineteen - Diecinueve Twenty - Veinte Fifty - Cincuenta One hundred - Cien One thousand - Mil Transportation Where is the metro station? - Dónde está la parada de metro? Where is the bus stop? - Dónde está la parada de autobús? Which bus goes to downtown? - Qué autobús va al centro? What´s the fare? - Cuánto cuesta el viaje? Stop here, please. - Pare aquí, por favor. I would like a taxi as soon as possible. - Quisiera un taxi lo antes posible. Is this taxi free? - Está libre este taxi? Asking for directions I´m looking for this street. - Estoy buscando esta calle How far is it? - A qué distancia está? Is there a bank around here? - Hay un banco por aquí? It´s straight ahead. - Es todo recto. Is it far away? - Está muy lejos? Turn right - Gire a la derecha. Turn left - Gire a la izquierda It´s after the roundabout - Está después de la glorieta. It´s (one, two, three, …) blocks away. - Está a (una, dos, tres, …) manzanas. Sightseeing What time does it open? - A qué hora abre? How much does it cost to go in? - Cuánto cuesta la entrada? Can I take photographs here? - Puedo hacer fotos aquí?