Cultural Sustainability

ColorfullySpain Travel tries its best to help support local economies, ecosystems, and cultures. We are proud to be a company that stands behind a mission of cultural sustainability, and proud to be on our way to becoming fully eco-friendly.


That might sound like a couple of buzzwords. So what do we mean by it?

In short, supporting smaller areas that are attempting to preserve their heritage, customs, and tradition. While globalization has many benefits, it does pose a threat to smaller areas with smaller economies.

So how can we help? We favor businesses that buy and make goods locally, restaurants that are actively preserving traditional cooking methods, organizations that are well versed in their area’s history and can help us make it come alive for our guests.

Because of this, we also implore our guests to immerse themselves as much as they are able. We want to leave as little footprint as possible on the places yet unmarked by heavy tourism.

As of now, we are actively searching and making contact with restaurants, hotels, food suppliers, and transport agencies that have Green certifications, meaning they are deemed ecologically sound and sustainable by the European Union. We are proud to offer many eco-friendly and Green certified options to our clients. We want to keep this country beautiful!

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