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Andalucía is best known for being the birthplace of bullfighting and flamenco, and for having gorgeous beaches and fine food. Our trips certainly include these elements, but also take our travelers on a tour of its rich and complex history.

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La Rioja & Pais Vasco
Located north of the capital in the west-central region of Spain, La Rioja is nothing like its southern counterpart. It is green, and mountainous, with fertile valleys and hidden ruins, and is the home of most of the country´s vineyards. The Basque Country, its northern neighbor, is all together apart, with small but gorgeous Atlantic beaches, forests, and high mountains that meet up with the Pyrenees.

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Both mountainous and seaside, Cataluña has it all for the outdoor traveler, and is a center for the arts and art history. With Barcelona at its core, it also boasts many national parks and interesting small towns, and curious historical sites, such as the castle which was home to Salvador Dali´s wife, Gala, and the ancient Roman city of Tarraco, where re-enactments are often held.

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Asturias & Galicia
Asturias is a natural wonder, as it has everything an outdoor adventurer might want. From surfing to mountain climbing, hiking to horseback riding, it is a fantastic place to have an active vacation. But sport is not the only thing that Asturias offers! On the jungle-like coastline you can find anything from dinosaur footprints to castles, to the remains of Celt Iberian settlements, and then stop into a cider house for live music and a perfect dinner of local meat, wild mushrooms, and white wine.

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